At Atom International School, Children's Day was made special by being a part of various competitions by grandparents along with children.....



 Rajgarh (Dhar). On Children's Day, the child's grandparents showed such a sight in a private school which brought a smile on the faces of the grandparents themselves. By the way, on Children's Day, children's fair and many events with children are seen in schools, but children's day was celebrated by grandparents with children at Atom International School in Rajgarh, Dhar district. 

   In this blind era of modernity, children are becoming alert, smart and hi-tech but have started forgetting their heritage, civilization and culture. Children's childhood is being lost due to the growing concept of single family in the society. Children who are accustomed to single family, only deal with relationships like grandparents, uncles and aunts, paternal grandparents and aunts. Got to see the immense affection and love towards.

  In this event held on Children's Day, his family members, who came to the school, ran, danced, while congratulating the institution with the grandparent's speech and appreciated the good event. On Children's Day, in a way, energy was seen on the health of grandparents. Taking the word "Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji" meaningfully, the grandparents relived their childhood and made Children's Day special by being a part of various competitions.

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