Allabakash khan Rising Music Artist of Jaisalmer

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  Story : Allabakash khan Good young singer and musical artist from Jaisalmer Rajasthan.

  Allabakash khan is known for his songs, he has made a lot of recognition in the past. He has released songs one after the other in no time and he is bringing songs in the same way even further. Because of his hard work and got verified on Google YouTube and all music platforms. Allabakash khan is completing his studies as well as his profession.

  He is a skilled person in both Allabakash khan was born on 03th January 2002 in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. He still resides in Jaisalmer and will make a different identity in the coming days. In the coming time, he will have a different identity in the music field.You can follow him on all social media and music platforms. also follow their Instagram accounts

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