The Board of Directors of Shri Rajendrasuri Credit Co-operative Society has been restored, after assuming charge, the President Suresh Tated said: The institution has worked in the interests, the proof of this is that today the board was restored and we got an opportunity again.


  Rajgarh (Dhar). After the reinstatement of the Board of Directors of Shri Rajendrasuri Credit Co-operative Society, Mr. Suresh Tated has formally taken over the charge. Before this, Tated worshiped the idols of Goddess Lakshmi and Saraswati, and the picture of Dada Gurudev Rajendrasuri Shwarji Maharaj. After that he took charge. 

   Chairman Suresh Tated said that the Board of Directors took charge after fighting for three years. He has his blessings and his temple is also there, many people make allegations and counter allegations but till date they have not been able to prove the charges. No loan is given without documents. If the cooperative department issues a notice of attachment, then how is the attachment happening without the document. The basic principle of the cooperative is to cooperate with each other and the members were given loans only to cooperate. For this reason the institution was making steady progress and was working under the provisions of the cooperative society, today it is proof that today the board has been restored. 

  Ashok Bhandari, the patron of Press Club Rajgarh, told the President Tate that efforts should be made to get the depositors' amount as soon as possible. Azad Bhandari of the same Board of Directors said that the institution is in the name of Gurudev, so we will not let anyone's money sink.

  After taking charge, tribute was paid to Kantilal Bhandari, who was in the Board of Directors.

  On this occasion, including Kalusinh Ninama, Vikas Bhandari, Dharmendra Bagadia of the Board of Directors, Abuli Bhai Bohra, Vishnu Songra, Dinesh Satpura, Ramesh Vasuniya, Dilip Bhandari, Uttam Chandalia, Kanhaiya Vyas, Nilesh Sharma, Nimish Dhariwal and the officers and employees working in the organization. Citizens were present.

  It should be mentioned that in the year 2019, the appeal was pending by Suresh Tateed, the disqualified chairman of Shri Rajendrasuri Credit Co-operative Society, Maryadit Rajgarh District Dhar, which was heard by the Court of Joint Registrar (Judicial) Cooperative Societies and it is believed that the said action on the institution was done contrary to law. In the appeal made, that order has been canceled and the entire Board of Directors has been reinstated. Also, according to the information received, it is mentioned in the order that action was to be taken under the provisions of the MP Co-operative Societies Act 1960, the same registrar does not have the right to take direct action. It can also be said directly that the said action taken without giving an opportunity of being heard was against natural justice.

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