Firecrackers with national symbols and deities should be banned, social worker Akshay Bhandari.



MP, Rajgarh (Dhar). Akshay Bhandari, a youth social worker of Rajgarh (Dhar) city, has demanded a ban on firecrackers with national symbols and deities. He also wrote a letter to the Union Home Ministry in which he also sent a photo saying that many such pictures come in firecrackers, many of them are of national symbols, national pride and deities, they should be banned.

 Talking to the media, Bhandari said that in the national emblem, the Taj Mahal, Peacock (peacock) and firecrackers with the images of Tiger and other deities should be banned. He had also emailed online so that the matter reached the government, as well as sent this subject through PG portal. In this regard, a reply was received by Jasveer Tiwari, Under Secretary to the Government of India, in which it was said that there is already a provision under IPC section 295-A on this subject. Along with this, Bhandari has also written on the President's helpline so that the national symbols can get due respect, he has written that the Central Government should apply for the National Flag along with other national symbols, national pride, so that the established national symbols get due respect. It is a request that you will take cognizance of this and implement the National Pride Prevention Act for the national flag along with other national symbols, for national pride.

 Bhandari has asked the government through the media why the national symbols, national pride have not been given due respect till date? Has the government limited them to national symbols only? When the National Pride Prevention Act is applicable to other national symbols, national pride along with the national flag, so that the established national symbols can get proper respect.

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