Create a platform for regular communication between Ni-kshay Mitra and patients : Shri Patel


Governor will assist in the treatment of TB patients of three districts
              Instructions given to health department officials

 BHOPAL: Governor Shri Mangubhai Patel has directed to provide financial assistance to TB patients of three districts on behalf of Raj Bhavan. He said that in TB disease eradication efforts, attempts should be made to guide the patients and Ni-kshay Mitra about the necessary precautions about the disease, diet, nutrition, daily routine and regular intake of medicines. He asked to explore the possibilities of increasing the financial assistance given to the patient in the form of nutritional grant. Also take initiative to make available the patient's bank account and mobile number information to Ni-kshay Mitra, so that there is a platform for regular direct communication, assistance and cooperation between Ni-kshay Mitra and the patient.

   Governor Shri Patel was discussing with the officials of the Health Department on the activities of community participation Ni-kshay 2.0 under the TB eradication programme at Raj Bhavan.

  Governor Shri Mangubhai Patel said that in TB treatment efforts, it is necessary to focus on proper diet, adherence to necessary precautions and regular medication intake by the patient. Patient should not smoke. They should not cook food on the stove. Don't let the cough spread here and there. They should take food rich in nutritious elements. It is also important to mention that TB gradually weakens the body from inside. Therefore, the sooner the treatment starts, the more strictly the precautions are followed, the sooner the patient will recover. He pointed out the need to make the activities of cooperation in the treatment efforts effective in practical nature. Shri Patel said that the availability of gas stove should be ensured to the TB affected women under the Ujjwala scheme. He said that due to prolonged treatment, many times a feeling of despondency arises in the patients. It is necessary that their morale should not be lowered. Orientation of Ni-kshay Mitra and health worker is necessary in this regard. He also stressed the need to pay attention to the promotional efforts of active Ni-kshya Mitras. He also stressed on the need to organise programmes for their honour and interaction with famous persons.

   Additional Chief Secretary Health Shri Mohammad Suleman informed that Ni-kshay Mitra 2.0 is being operated at a fast pace in the state. Except Union Territories, Madhya Pradesh ranks first with 90 percent achievement in connecting TB patients with Ni-kshay Mitras. The system of molecular testing at the block level has also accelerated the patient identification work.

  Officers including Principal Secretary to Governor Shri DP Ahuja, Health Commissioner Dr. Sudam Khade, Mission Director NHM Sushri Priyanka Das were present.

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