Yumna Gulvez Made 5 World Records In A Row


 Yumna Gulvez made another world record for being the Longest Solo-book Writer at the age of 14, after being the Fastest Solo-book Writer at the age of 13 and makes five world records in a row for being the Fastest Solo-book Writer,Fastest Biography Writer,Longest  Solo Book Writer, Youngest Publisher and Fastest Manuscripter in the whole world.

 About 'HEADWAY' Book By Yumna Gulvez

‘HEADWAY’ authored by multiple world record holder, YUMNA GULVEZ is a way towards enlightenment and a step ahead. The story emphasises on 4 different lives been interconnected and leading to a headway; a step ahead. The book been the WORLD’S LONGEST SOLO-BOOK (The only one volume solo-book with 4 lakh 93 thousand one hundred 26 characters) is crafted with a combination of several genres; love, mystery, tragedy, inspiration, magic, hate, rumour, past, tales and etc. Every step counts, every phase matters and every mystery reveals. The story begins with an unusual start but ends with a slightly different phase, making the protagonist revealed to the readers. The book has the touch of inspiration for the readers and listeners. The pages of the book are been set to make every verse counts,  letting the readers and listeners wonder about the track yet to arrive. ‘Headway’ conveys a message of ways turning anyhow and anywhere. Progress approaching anyhow and anywhere. Mysteries revealing anyhow and anywhere. Last but not the least, victories anyhow and anywhere. 

Yumna Gulvez's World Records

•Fastest Solo Book Writer In The World

•Fastest Manuscripter In The World

•Fastest Biography Writer In The World

•Youngest Publisher In The World

•Longest Solo Book Writer In The World

About Yumna Gulvez


  YUMNA GULVEZ is a Multiple World Records Holder Author. She made trio world record on 2nd of July, 2021 at the age of 13. She is been recognised as the Fastest Solo-book Writer (‘The Dead End’ completed in 1.5 hours), Fastest Biography Writer (‘The Guide Hard To Find’ completed in 3 hours) and Fastest Manuscripter (53 books manuscripts completed in 1.5 months) Her records were been recognised by Inkzoid Book Of Records, Glorious Book Of Records and OMG Book Of Records. It was been covered in Times Of India, Malwa Times, Daily Hunt, Zee News, ETV News and several other state level newspapers. Yumna Gulvez was been honoured with more than 15 trophies, medals and certificates for her achievements by several record associations along with a number of interviews. In 2022, at the age of 14 Yumna Gulvez set another record for being the Youngest Publisher in the world for her entrepreneurship, Serving You Publication. She is also the founder of, Uplift fm for spreading awareness on social issues. Through this book, the author sets another world record for being the  Longest Solo-book Writer  at the age of 14, after being the Fastest Solo-book Writer at the age of 13 previously. She is also among the top Indian Sensational Writers, top Indian Deserving Talents, top global Exceptional talents, 4 prides of India under 14 at Google along with the top best speakers. She has also been certified as India’s Future Tycoon and  nominated for several national and international awards. 

Yumna Gulvez's Personal Life

Name:Yumna Gulvez

Father's name:Mohd. Gulvez

Mother's name:Mrs. Shehla

Favourite Dish:Veg Pulao

Her Inspiration: Entrepreneur Durlav Sarkar       

Favourite Colour:Black

Education Qualification:School Student(studying in 8th standard)


Birth Place:Delhi

Date Of Birth:02/07/2007

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