Faiz Technical YouTuber turned into Entrepreneur and Author, who has also written a Book.



 Faiz Technical is known as an entrepreneur and author these days, working on many social media, he achieved success through his videos on YouTube. Born on 8 April 2004 in Mubarakpur, Azamgarh. Faiz Technical who is also known by his real name Mohammad Faiz, started his efficient journey today through YouTube and has also written books, the name of his book is "The Last Point of Success" which is very popular. However, it is not common to write a book in such a short time. Through one of his videos, it is revealed that he had faced a lot of difficulties in his life, he released the same difficult days as a musical video on YouTube which read "WFT-2.0 (I'm Alone but on My Way)" which became very popular. This is the reason why Faiz Technical never looked back and created a huge fan following through social media YouTube. Today Faiz Technical name is taken among influential people.

   Today she is extremely victorious in her life;  However, his journey was not one-sided. Within the year 2018, he started his own YouTube channel named as "Faiz Technical". However, he went through many hurdles while building his career and facing the challenges head on.  He has consistently been someone who believes in passion and dedication. And then in a few days he became known as one of the youngest Indian entrepreneur and author, and later started focusing on his career. When no one knew about digital selling as a career, he worked on the web as a maniac about the digital world. One thing people do not understand what they should try and do in their life.  Since 2018 he has gone through many difficulties, building his own company and his career within digital sales. Presently, he is a victorious entrepreneur.

  Even though he is victorious these days, he continues to work painstakingly to keep growing personally as well as professionally.  Once others of his age were busy worrying about his results and other required entrance exams, he was busy building his professional life, which makes him different from others. He also believes that taking risks helps with professional growth, and that's what he did after starting his company. He is up to his skill with your time, and we all understand that this will facilitate him to make his dreams come true. Once asked about his success, he said.

" _Nothing impossible everything possible when focus only target._ "


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