Singer Mithlesh Kaushik (Mith) new song "Tere Hanjua" released

    The song "Tere Hanjua" is being liked very much by the people, has become viral on YouTube in a very short time. 

  This new song by singer Mithlesh Kaushik released globally on 3rd May, the theme of "Tere Hanjua" is based on the story of people who fall in love and they want to meet but they can't meet. In the end they meet somewhere and their love is complete.

   This song has been written and composed by Mithlesh Kaushik himself as well as the producer of this song. Talking about the music of "Tere Hanjua", India's emerging indie music producer Shriyas Sahu has given and Deepanshu Kashyap is the director and editor of this musical video, who is the founder of Real to Reel Production. The starcast of this song is Mithlesh Kaushik and Priya Kaushik. 

   You can listen to the song "Tere Hanjua" on famous streaming apps like Spotify, Apple Music, JioSaavn, Amazon Music.

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