Lilxpayne explained how he keeps himself inspired by music


  Lilxpayne, Beatclub music producer, explained how he keeps himself inspired.

To keep moving on, inspiration is your fuel trust me. When you are not inspired there is no passion to stay on track.

The solutions that have always worked for me are simple. The first obvious approach is listening to music, exploring what fresh tracks the world of music has to offer cause believe me there is always something to be learned. Just like what happened to rage music it suddenly blew up and the first thing

you notice everyone is producing rage beats. So keep yourself motivated and inspired by listening to new songs every day.

Try using new sounds. You can not expect some specific VST/Plugins to always work for you. Cause some sounds have an expiration date and some don't like Piano and the Guitar you can always use them without thinking of them being outdated on the other hand some specific sounds especially drum sounds are old and you just have to delete them to keep yourself up.

Team up with colleagues and random producers and try doing collaborations. By sending starter base loops or receiving one you will open the door to a new era not only you are gonna hear new sounds, but also you will hear what they have in mind.

Solo working is ok but trusts me every time I collab with someone whether it is physically in a studio session or from far through E-mail I get 10x results.

Lilxpayne production credits: Partynextdoor, Tory Lanez, Devontée woe, Brian Mcknight Jr, Aj tracey and fivio foreign.

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