Baashe Delta is the mastermind behind the success of KKURBO Studio

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  Well known musical artist Baashe Delta launched a record label in 2021 which is today one of the well known record label in Germany. A Somali artist who made a record label at the age of 19 and not only rather made it top.

Baashe Delta did not even think that his fans would give him so much love that in just 1 year his record label created by him would reach such a high position. Baashe himself is a music writer, singer and music producer, he himself worked for his own record label. Has worked very hard, as a result of which it is today one of the best known record labels in Germany.

Describing the secret of his success, Baashe Delta says that "if you work hard continuously to achieve something, then you will definitely get your destination, your goal, these are some things that make me a successful person". It was not a bit easy for me but in the meantime I never felt that I am struggling because I believe that if you want something, you will not feel like a struggle to get it, but you take that time. live happily. 

Baashe Delta is very popular among the youth, not only has become an inspiration for them, but also has become an inspiration for them. A versatile singer, music writer, music producer and owner of his own record label, named as KKURBO Studio. his versatility makes him different from the rest of the artists. 

If Baashe is praised, then words will fall short to praise him, because such a person who has all kinds of qualities is rarely seen, it is not that all these qualities have been received by the native since birth. He achieved it through his hard work.

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