Superstar Ranveer Singh appreciates Durlav Sarkar after he got awarded from Shakti Kapoor for his entrepreneurship, INKZOID FOUNDATION


 Durlav Sarkar who is the new face of entrepreneurship in Bengal was appreciated by Superstar Bollywood Actor,Ranveer Singh after  he got awarded from legendary actor,Shakti Kapoor for his entrepreneurship, INKZOID FOUNDATION as INKZOID was declared as the 'Best Publishing Start-up 2021' and this award was dedicated to DPIIT-Department of central government of India and West Bengal Government in support of UNICEF and ICC.

 Ranveer Singh(on-screen Indian Cricket Team's ex captain,Kapil Dev for his movie 83) appreciated his work as an entrepreneur and says that he wishes all the best for his bright and promising future may he succeed more in his life and also wishes all the best for his prosperous future ahead.

 Durlav Sarkar,founder of INKZOID FOUNDATION was really delighted to get such appreciation from the one and only Ranveer Singh(on-screen Indian Cricket Team's ex captain,Kapil Dev for his movie 83 which was Kapil Dev's Biopic) and he says that it is one of the greatest moment of his life ever when he heard such words and hoy appreciated by Ranveer Singh.He says that he got  his reward or result for his struggling journey accompanied by three words 'Hardwork','Dedication','Creativity' and today he got everything in his entrepreneur life after receiving such compliments from Ranveer Singh.


 Durlav Sarkar is the founder of INKZOID FOUNDATION(the best publishing start-up and the fastest growing entrepreneurship) which helped people to publish book for free during covid situation ,who is a celebrity entrepreneur,multiple world record holder (only triple hat-trick world record holder) and the youngest world record strategist of Asia being the youngest speaker at Safalta Talks and many other talkshow.

 He is also a poet, motivational speaker, influencer and works as a social activist as well famous for his 55 lyrical sonnets and each one of it was written within 5 mins.Twenty three books were written on him as a tribute to him for all of his works and he was also awarded 'Best Start-up 2021' in support of West Bengal Government for his entrepreneurship being the Best Entrepreneur of 2021 setting an inspiration for the future generations.He also founded one NGO named  'Love All Serve All' which aims to serve mankind around the world.


 •Only Indian personality on whom 23 books are written in 13 different  languages from 9 different publications and his biography is available in 13 different languages written by different authors.

•Multiple World Record Holder

•Karmaveer Chakra Awardee 2021

•Best Entrepreneur 2021 awarded by Legendary Actor, Shakti Kapoor

•Filmora Awards Awardee  2021

•Youngest Safalta Talks Speaker 

•Asia's Youngest World Record Strategist

•International Author

•Global Face Of  Entrepreneurship Awardee 2021


 The fastest growing publishing start-up  is INKZOID FOUNDATION with ranking one for having more than 110 units within 10 months and it is the only publication with Express Free Publishing (No Hidden Charges) just within 3 hours,they featured the maximum number of people on Google in the last 8 months and also honours deserving talents for full free of cost which is first time ever in the history. 

 INKZOID FOUNDATION is an UASL(international) & ISO certified independent international publishing chain and community organisation along with mass production house founded by world record holder and celebrity author,Durlav Sarkar and it is a place of creative people such as a hub of open mic event organisers,dancers, musicians,artists,podcast artists and photographers by promoting them that is why it is another name for opportunity.

They also felicitate people's true talents through world records and awards.

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