Every citizen should take precautions to prevent infection: Chief Minister Shri Chouhan,Decision of night curfew,Increasing cases in the world are causing concern,In schools there will be 50 percent attendance of children,Chief Minister Shri Chouhan gave a message to the people of the state



   Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that keeping in mind the rapid spread of Omicron virus and the global scenario, this is the right time for all of us to be alert to prevent infection. The Government of India has also issued a guideline to prevent infection. We have to be careful to use face masks, keep distance and avoid gatherings and overcrowding. Everyone has to get both doses of the vaccine. All the people who are left out of the dose should get it on priority and help in ensuring the safety cycle for themselves, family and society.

 In a message to the people of the state this evening, Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that in view of the increasing number of positive cases in some states since last one week, the health security of the people of Madhya Pradesh is very important. We have to be very careful while remembering the suffering in the first and second waves of corona infection. We have to stop the third wave from coming.

30 cases today in Madhya Pradesh after months

  Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that today 30 new cases of Covid have been found in the state after several months. Yesterday also 7 thousand 495 positive cases have come in the whole country. One thing which creates concern in the mind is that in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Delhi, there has been a steady increase in positive cases for the last one week. Yesterday only 1201 cases have come in Maharashtra, 91 in Gujarat and 125 in Delhi. We all know that there is constant movement from these states to Madhya Pradesh. Past experiences also tell us that the last time positive cases had started increasing in Maharashtra whether it was during the first wave or the second wave. Cases increased in Gujarat and then increased in Madhya Pradesh. We can never forget the sufferings we endured in the second wave. If both the old waves are also seen, then they started from Indore-Bhopal in our state and now the cases in Indore and Bhopal have increased to 3 times in December as compared to the month of November.

Corona has changed its form

   Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that corona has changed its form and the new form has come in the form of Omicron in 16 states of the country. The possibility cannot be ruled out that the cases of Omicron virus may come soon in Madhya Pradesh also. If we also study the whole world and see the experience then Omicron spreads very fast. One lakh cases are coming daily in England. In America also, about two and half lakh cases are coming daily. Omicron is growing very fast in Europe as well. Looking at all the above reasons, I feel inwardly that this is the right time for us to become vigilant. Prevent the third wave of Covid from coming, take all necessary measures to ensure that the infection does not spread rapidly.

Must wear mask

   Chief Minister Shri Chouhan has told the people of the state that the Government of India has also issued some guidelines. I request you not to delay now, make sure to wear a mask, create social distancing, don't unnecessarily go in crowds, don't have unnecessary gatherings and if anyone has not taken the vaccine dose till now, then definitely get vaccinated. If you have applied the first, then do not delay in the second, if the period of time is over, then get the second vaccine immediately.

50 percent attendance in schools

   Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that along with this, we had already decided that only 50 percent of our children who are in school will go to school so that social distancing can be maintained there. This is necessary in the interest of the children.

Night curfew

  We are taking another decision today that night curfew will be in force from 11 pm to 5 am. If need be, we will definitely take some other measures. If there is a positive case of Covid, then if there is enough space in the house, then we will treat them by isolating at home and otherwise, in any case, they should be admitted to the hospital so that the family members can be saved from the virus infection. We have to be careful. Remember, there is safety in caution, I request you all to cooperate so that we can save our state from the third wave crisis and protect the lives of our people, this will happen only with your cooperation.

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