The city council has taken steps towards greenery, planted more than 250 neem saplings, will run the campaign continuously, plantation done in the presence of dignitaries....

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 Badnawar (Dhar). Governance-administration took place regarding the growing step of Vasundhara greenery, trees and plants which play an important role in removing oxygen deficiency. On Thursday, 29 July, more than 250 neem plants were planted on the land adjoining the filter plant of the city.

  Neem trees were planted in the presence of the dignitaries, public representatives and officers and employees of the city. This campaign was started by the city council under the Ankur scheme.

  On this occasion, BJP District General Secretary Manoj Somani, MP representative Shivram Raghuvanshi, senior BJP leader Shekhar Yadav, former NPA Vice President Rajendrasinh Panwar, Pankaj Thakur, senior journalist Purshottam Sharma, Chitranjan Rathor, NPA Eg. Sarang Poranik, Mrs. Aradhana Damor, Ashok Sharma, Kantilal Sharma, Manmohan Rathod, Kamlesh Patidar, Bharat Utwal and civic workers were present. Neem saplings were planted by all the public representatives.

Chief Municipal Officer Asha Jitendra Bhandari said that under the Ankur scheme, the city council will now plant saplings continuously and along with their maintenance, they will be duly operated and maintained. The said campaign will now be run continuously in the city. Presently, a sapling has been planted at a tekari-like place near the filter plant. Today, about two hundred and fifty neem saplings have been planted by the city council, Badnawar in the presence of senior citizens and public representatives of the city. Continuous efforts will be made to create awareness about Vasundhara greenery among the common people.


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