Baba Chandramouleshwar Mahadev came out to know the condition of the people in the midst of drizzling rain.


Sawan Ka Pehla Somvar,Sawan 2021 Ist Somvar Pujan,शिवभक्तों,शिवालय,श्रावण मास के प्रथम सोमवार,श्रावण मास के प्रथम सोमवार की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं,श्रावण मास के प्रथम सोमवारी,श्रावण मास के प्रथम सोमवार की,shravan maas pratham somvar,अति प्राचीन माताजी मन्दिर,बावड़ी वाले माताजी मन्दिर

 Rajgarh (Dhar). Baba from Shri Ram government temple on the first Monday of Shravan Chandramouleshwar Mahadev went out for a city tour to know the condition of the people. that Traveling through the main routes, again reached Shri Ram temple. Dad People celebrated happiness and peace with enthusiasm for the darshan of Chandramouleshwar Mahadev. Appeared wishing.

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