Special on International Yoga Day: Treatment of all diseases is possible with yoga activities - Kamlesh Soni

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 Special: Yoga teacher Kamlesh Soni is doing free yoga practice in Patanjali Yogpeeth Haridwar branch Rajgarh (Dhar) Madhya Pradesh for almost 20 years. By joining Patanjali, Kamlesh Soni has experience in Ayurveda as well. If anyone goes to him, he understands his problem as much as possible and after consulting many experienced doctors, every family should be disease free.

  Kamlesh Soni told that in daily life, our food, air, water have all become polluted. Our way of living, the way of getting up, sleeping, the way of drinking water, all the work has become irregular, due to which we have started getting many diseases, yoga is necessary to avoid these diseases.

Special on International Yoga Day: Treatment of all diseases is possible with yoga activities - Kamlesh Soni

 Role played during the Corona period- Kamlesh Soni kept the same goal even in the lock down during the Corona period that more and more people are associated with yoga and only then everyone will be able to become patient and healthy. He has also tried to connect with Yoga through online. The biggest thing is that Kamlesh Soni tells that since the Corona period 2019, the trend towards yoga has increased. Free yoga classes are conducted in the fair ground Shiv Vatika from 6 am to 7 am.

  Instead of hiding, you should share the benefits of yoga - Kamlesh Soni told that make yoga the basis of life, when a disease like corona can be overcome by yoga, people with diseases like asthma, backache, sugar, BP, sciatica can do yoga. If you have any problem, then do yoga after consulting a yoga expert before doing yoga. Some people get benefits, they do not speak, they hide, so that Oro does not know how effective yoga is and should share the benefits of yoga, it can also benefit Oro.

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