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 Rounak Kayal from West Bengal makes a world record of clicking 103 macro pics(1+3=4) in 10,111,000 secs(1+1+1+1=4) within a time span of almost 4 months using prosumer 55 mm(Brand:Indian Macro Lens) for mobile which creates 'mobile uniqe 4 macro record' creating a multiple world record.


 Rounak Kayal is a macro photographer better known as 'The King Of Macro' he is also the Graphics Head of INKZOID FOUNDATION,who just passed out class 12, who will be pursuing his career in pharmacy. 

 He is a world record holder for creating a  World Record Of Clicking   103 macro pics(1+3=4) in 10,111,000 secs(1+1+1+1=4) within a time span of almost 4 months using prosumer 55 mm(Brand:Indian Macro Lens) for mobile which creates 'mobile uniqe 4 macro record' creating a multiple world record and his record entered into INKZOID and Glorious Book Of World Records.

 He also compiled a book named 'The World Of Macro' consisting of all the 103 pictures which were considered in his world record.

 He is also one of the compilers of the book "Kirti-The Shining Star" and that was his first book which is compiled by him along with his co-compiler (Ms. Sanya Tikarya). 

 He has taken part in 6 anthologies till now. An odd fact is that he is not a pro or consistent writer, rather a photographer by passion who loves to see every element in a positive and good manner. 

 He clicks the moments what he feels best. He wants to continue this as his lifetime hobby. Some of his clicks are featured in many Instagram pages. 

 He likes macro photography as his best genre, because it shows minutes details of anything clearly that may not be seen clearly in naked eyes, especially of insects and spiders (a kind of entomophile). He also has a keen interest in graphic designing, for which he had been a graphics designer in many writing communities. 

 One of his favorite self-made quotes for photography is – 

 “Click whatever you like, whether a flower or a dung, a bird or a snake, the way you represent it in front of audience, should be a jaw dropping one!”.

Some Big Tv Actor be seen in Bollywood Movie Tatkshan -: Vikrant rai,Iamrealmohsin aka Mohsin Khan,Muskan lalwani,Ruchi Singh,Akashan pandey,Pallavi Singh


  ENTERTAINMENT: Shooting of Hindi film Tatkal is taking place in Lucknow. Tatkan's story is a murder mystery, starring actor Vikrant Rai and actress Pallavi Singh in the lead roles. The film is being directed by Vaibhav Varma. Vaibhav Verma has previously worked as a writer in BR Chopra's production. The story of the film centers on three female characters (Dhriti, Manya and Purvi and Chhotu Chai Wala) who, in order to save themselves from the police, first commit a heinous crime like murder, although they commit murder under circumstance, but later to destroy the evidence. Indulge in criminal activities one after the other. The filmmaker is Prem Mohan Pandey. Shalini Sajal of Lucknow has decorated the film with songs. The shooting of the film will take place at many places including Chinhat, Gomtinagar, Shaheedpath, Chowk, Aliganj. The shooting will go on for about three months in Lucknow.

  Iamrealmohsin aka Mohsin Khan, who made his film debut with 'Jolly LLB 2' and went on to feature in films like 'Ashram' and '14 Phere', will next be seen in 'Tatkaal' directed by Vaibhav Varma. Mohsin is playing the character of Chai Wala 'Chhotu Cavine'. This is a murder mystery. Iamrealmohsin  Mohsin khan : 'I am playing the character like a worker, good son and brother. But for the first time I am very excited and looking forward to it. 'Chhotu Chai Wala' is very passionate and very serious about his work. The story is based on a double murder mystery that has rocked the city. He also says about the preparatory work: 'Our entire shoot is happening in Lucknow. I'm trying really hard to get into proper shape to look confident as a cop. Workshop will be organized in Lucknow itself along with all other artists. 'Director Vaibhav Verma is very particular about my character and he certainly doesn't want to compromise on it. It's actually giving me more excitement. I am watching crime series, documentary drama to understand crime scene better. Conclusion.

 Mohsin Khan will see even bigger TV stars Vikrant rai as a Cop, Muskan lalwani The strongest character of the film is she plays the girl who saves her friend The primary character around whom the story revolves is sassy and Strong Super Supportive , Ruchi Singh As a Friend , akashan pandey , Pallavi Singh....... will see some big TV stars in bollywood movie tatkshan  (instantaneously).

AirAsia India returned to Terminal 1 in Mumbai from 16th October

  Mumbai: AirAsia India returned to Terminal 1 at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai, from 16th October, 2021. The movement of domestic operations to Terminal 1 will take place as per the directives laid out by Mumbai International Airport. AirAsia India operates from Mumbai as one of its 4 hubs along with Bengaluru, New Delhi and Kolkata. From Mumbai the airline offers direct flights to Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bagdogra, Bhubaneswar, Goa, Kochi, Jaipur and Ranchi, as well as connecting flights to Guwahati, Imphal, Srinagar and Visakhapatnam. AirAsia India’s winter schedule offers 168 weekly flights connecting Mumbai to the rest of India with a capacity to fly over 130,000 guests per month.  

AirAsia India has 10 dedicated check-in counters including Priority Check-In for its Red Carpet guests and two self-baggage drop counters. The Boarding Gates and Security Hold Area at Terminal 1, where AirAsia India operated from prior to April 2021 as well, are located closer to the airline’s check-in counters, resulting in quicker turnaround times and shorter walking distances for guests. Vehicle pick-up and drop is also closer to the exit gates at Terminal 1, enabling a faster and more efficient exit, especially for guests travelling to Nariman Point, Bandra-Kurla Complex and other key business districts in Mumbai.

About AirAsia India

 Headquartered in Bengaluru, India,  AirAsia India Limited is a joint venture between Tata Sons Private Limited and AirAsia Investment Limited. AirAsia India commenced operations on 12th June 2014 and flies over 250 direct and connecting routes across India. The airline offers plush leather seats, hot meals and Red Carpet priority services. AirAsia stands firmly on the pillars of 

 its core values - People First, Dare to Dream, Be Guest-Obsessed, Make it Happen, One AirAsia, Safety Always, and Sustainability Spirit. AirAsia India has 

 consistently embraced technology to deliver operational efficiency and enhance guest experiences, offering fast bookings, fab value and fantastic deals on their award-winning mobile apps and website, delivering seamless support with an advanced AI-powered multilingual chatbot Tia.

Homeopathic medicine,treatment and remedies for Dengue Fever - Dr.Rajneesh Jain

   Dengue fever is a disease caused by the bite of a mosquito infected with the dengue virus. Dengue is a viral infection caused by 4 different species of flavivirus. This virus is spread by the bite of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes. Symptoms of this infection start appearing in about 4-7 years.

The signs and symptoms of dengue vary according to the severity of the disease and the impact of the infection. Most cases of dengue are not serious and the infected persons show symptoms like muscle pain, joint pain, rashes all over the body. These signs may be mild or disappear and reappear, including high fever, severe headache, eye pain, nausea and vomiting, bleeding from the nose or gums, and decreased white blood cell count.

'Dengue hemorrhagic fever' is a severe form of dengue, in which the patient may have bleeding from the mouth, gums and nose, clammy skin, damage to the blood vessels, which can cause internal bleeding and black vomiting, platelet deficiency and nerve weakness . These symptoms may be mild in the beginning, but tend to worsen within a few days!

The platelet count in the body can be increased by regular consumption of papaya leaf juice as a way to increase platelets.

'Dengue shock syndrome' is a life-threatening form of dengue, in which symptoms like excessive bleeding, vomiting, severe abdominal pain, mental confusion and sudden drop in BP are seen. The special thing is that dengue fever can occur more than once.

Since the symptoms of dengue are similar to the symptoms of flu and other seasonal diseases, the diagnosis of dengue can sometimes be delayed. However, if a doctor suspects dengue after examining a patient's physical symptoms, he may recommend a blood test to confirm the diagnosis.

Most of the treatment is focused on managing the symptoms, so avoiding or staying away from dengue is the safest and best way. Measures to avoid dengue include wearing clothes that cover the body well.

Homeopathic treatment is a discipline whose aim is not just to cure the symptoms temporarily, but to eliminate the disease from the root.

Homeopathic medicines for dengue -

According to Dr Rajneesh Jain, for dengue patient

Arsenic album

Common Name: Arsenic Acid

Symptoms: The following symptoms can be cured by this remedy


Severe headache, which is relieved by applying cold or with a cold environment

Skin cold

Burning sensation in the head, eyes, stomach, chest and tongue

Weakness due to headache


Sensitivity to light

Bleeding gums

Sore throat and difficulty swallowing

Nausea after eating

Right lung pain

Dry cough and palpitations (due to activity, fatigue, or illness)

Irregular heartbeat)

Trembling of feet

High fever

Extreme tiredness

Cold sweat

Symptoms worsen after midnight and with cold food intake. Symptoms may improve after lying down with the head elevated and having a hot drink.


Common name: wild hops

Symptoms: The following symptoms can be improved through this remedy:

Extreme irritability

Nausea and fainting

Severe headache, which worsens when bending forward

Frequent runny nose

Pricking pain in the eyes, in this condition the symptoms worsen by touching the eyes or moving the eyes

Dry mouth

Loss of taste or bitterness

Burning stomach pain

Pain when touching the affected area

Knee stiffness and pain

Leg swelling

Joint pain and swelling

Pain in limbs when walking

Pulse rate

Fever with dry cough and chills

Unusually excessive sweating

These symptoms worsen in the morning, in the heat, on activity and on touching the affected area. Symptoms get better with adequate rest, lying down on the painful area, and applying pressure to the affected area.


Common Name: Deadly Nightshade

Symptoms: This remedy is suitable for the following symptoms:

Throbbing headache with difficulty in breathing


Headache that worsens with noises, lights, lying down and in the afternoon

Severe eye pain when lying down

Eye swelling

Loss of appetite

Nausea and vomiting

Stomach cramps

Palpitations (irregular heartbeat due to activity, fatigue, or illness)

Throbbing tingling all over the body

Severe pain in limbs and joints

Stiff neck

High fever accompanied by cold feet and loss of thirst

Trouble sleeping due to flaring of blood vessels

Only sweat on the head

These symptoms get worse in the afternoon, when lying down and touching the affected area. These symptoms improve on lying down in the semi erect position (the position between lying down and sitting).

Calcarea carbonica

Common name: Carbonate of lime

Symptoms: This remedy is helpful in treating the following symptoms:

Headache with cold hands and heaviness in upper part of head

Headache and nausea due to mental fatigue

Sweating profusely

Sensitivity to light

Itching and pain in the eyelids

Blisters on the skin

Small sores on the skin that do not heal easily

Skin rash, this condition gets better in cold air


Fever with sweating

Night sweats, especially on the head, neck, and chest

Chills at 2 p.m., usually starting in the abdomen

Swelling of tonsils

Easily tired eyes

Stomach ache

Palpitations after dinner (irregular heartbeat due to activity, fatigue, or illness)

Heaviness in chest

Calf cramps

Symptoms may get worse in cold weather and due to mental and physical fatigue, but symptoms may get better with a dry environment and lying down on the painful area.

Euporitium perfoliatum

Common name: Thorowwort

Symptoms: This remedy is helpful in reducing the following symptoms:

Throbbing headache

Eye pain

Headache after lying down

Back pain

Dislike of light

Nausea and vomiting

Pain in chest

Cough, this condition gets worse at night

Severe back pain

Chills between 7 am and 9 am

Body pain

Risk of falling to the left

Pain in bones

Severe headache with fever

Vomiting after a cold

Excessive fatigue

These symptoms get worse from time to time, but the patient feels better when he sweats.


Common name: club moss

Symptoms: Individuals with the following symptoms may require this remedy:

Headache and pressure, which gets worse from 4 to 8 pm, coughing intermittently

Ulcers as well as redness in the eyelids

Blisters on the skin

Itchy skin

Fever that may be associated with chills that occurs between 3 and 4 p.m.

Blisters on tongue

Symptoms get worse with consumption of hot foods and drinks and lying down on the right side but symptoms may get better after midnight and with movement.

Nux vomica

Common Name: Poison Nut

Symptoms: This remedy can be used effectively to treat the following symptoms:

Extreme irritability

Headache above eyes

Feeling of being drunk that gets worse with mental fatigue

Headache and heaviness

Not liking the light, this condition gets worse in the morning

Blood in saliva

Swelling in gums

Cough, causing headache

Sore throat

Nausea in the morning and after meals

Abdominal pain

Shallow breathing

Severe back pain

Crack in the knee joint on activity

Fever with chills

Hand leg pain

Body due to fever

Sweating on only one side of the body due to fever

These symptoms worsen in dry and cold weather, during the morning and due to mental fatigue. Symptoms get better in the evening after taking adequate rest and applying pressure to the affected area.

According to Dr Rajneesh Jain of Homeopathy, diet and lifestyle changes are necessary for a dengue patient. Homeopathic remedies are widely used to treat many diseases. However, since homeopathic medicines are prepared in a very soluble form, these medicines may not work properly due to external factors. Hence, homeopathic Dr Rajneesh Jain recommends patients to incorporate the following dietary and lifestyle changes in their daily routine.

What should be done

Maintain personal hygiene.

Keep your surroundings clean.

Eat healthy foods instead of processed foods, as they are rich in fiber and nutrients.

Incorporate regular light exercises like yoga or jogging into your routine

Wear comfortable clothes.

Should should not

Reduce your intake of beverages like coffee and tea.

Do not consume alcohol and such substances, which can interfere with the working of homeopathic medicines.

Avoid consuming foods that are high in salt and sugar.

Avoid using artificial fragrances like perfumes and room fresheners.

Avoid using temperature control devices such as air conditioning or room heaters.

 According to Dr Rajneesh Jain how effective are homeopathic medicines and remedies for dengue -

 There have been many cases of dengue in which homeopathic treatment has proved to be very effective. During the 2001 dengue outbreak in Brazil, a single dose of Eupatorium perfloratum reduced the incidence of dengue by 81.5%. With the help of measures like Euphorium perfolitum along with Phosphorus and Crotalus horridus, the incidence of dengue was reduced by 93 percent within the first 3 months.

 However, it is important to remember that in dengue the symptoms appear according to the immune response of the body. Therefore, homeopathic remedies do not work the same way in individuals with the same disease. A double-blind placebo trial conducted in 2012 showed that homeopathic remedies are effective in managing the symptoms of headache and fever associated with dengue.

 Central Institute of Homeopathy and Central Council for Research in Homeopathy, India jointly administered Peripotium medicine to four dengue patients. The good thing is that no side effects were found in any patient. However, more studies are still needed for accurate information.

According to Dr Rajneesh Jain side effects and risks of homeopathic medicine for dengue -

Homeopathic remedies are generally safe for consumption. This is because these remedies are prepared from natural substances and given only after examining the patient's family history (records of disorders and diseases in the patient and his family members), which reduces the risk of allergies or side effects. Goes. However, to get the maximum benefit from homeopathic remedies, it is good to take these medicines under the supervision of a certified homeopathic practitioner.

 According to Dr Rajneesh Jain, tips related to homeopathic treatment of dengue -

 Dengue is a viral infection caused by mosquitoes, with mild to severe symptoms such as fever, headache, severe bone pain, joint and muscle pain. However, there is no cure for dengue and the best way is to keep yourself away from mosquitoes. But, if a person gets an infection, one should go to the doctor for a checkup to avoid complications.

 Homeopathic treatment improves the overall health of the patient. It is completely safe to consume them and does not cause any side effects. Keep in mind, always consult a qualified doctor before taking any homeopathic remedy.


 Dr.Charusheela Uttam Lokhande receives Inkzoid Book Of Records, Glorious Book Of Records & Go INKZODIAC Awards for her valuable contribution in literature.


M.A , M.phil,Ph.d ( HISTORY)



Have published various Research Papers in Domestic/National/ International Conference on variety of Topics.

Lecturer In Reputed College

Mahatma Gandhi Award,

 Rajyastriya Puraskar, APJ Abdul Kalam Award , Rajyastriya Gungurav Puraskar, Mi DOMBIVALIKAR Puraskar, These Are My Educational Achievements


  And Also OMG Book OF Records , Organized By INKZOID Foundation International Yoga Award,

The Real Super Woman 2020 Award

 Being A Recognized Member Of This Society I Believe I Shall Actively Participate And Contribute Towards Society And For Betterment Of Myself....

 I personally feel the foundation is putting very hard efforts for educating children of this country. India is a country of youth and it is right of every child regardless of their age, gender, and financial circumstances.

 Shiksha Seva Foundation works towards achieving this goal for children with special needs and care. I feel proud of myself for being able to help children educate themselves.

 I would recommend others to please support for this cause. As these are the doctors, lawyers, and professionals of the noble fields in this country's future. Investing for better future is never a waste.

Formation of ‘Atal Bihari Vajpayee Memorial Trust’ in Gwalior approved,Highways to be upgraded with the help of Asian Development Bank Chief Minister Shri Chouhan chairs Cabinet meeting


 In a virtual meeting of the Cabinet held under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan, approval was given for the construction of Late Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee memorial and the formation of an autonomous ‘Atal Bihari Vajpayee Memorial Trust’ under the Department of Culture.

Necessary efforts will be made to spread awareness and sensitivity towards nation building and nation development among youth and children through the memorial trust.  Late Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee’s life will be propagated through audio-visual media and his grand statue. Well-organized public facilities will be developed around the statue site. Along with this, workshops, seminars, research, seminars, lectures etc. will be organized for conducting activities related to his philosophy of life. Publication of literature related to Shri Vajpayee and his philosophy of life, library/e-library of books, establishment of study center for good governance and policy making, water body, canteen, park etc. will be developed in the Memorial campus from the point of view of tourism. In order to to spread awareness and sensitivity towards nation building and nation development, facilities like collection of films, audio-visual/multimedia, museum, open space platform and auditorium etc. his intellectual brilliance, literary outlook and especially strong presence in Parliament will be displayed as a major dimension. For the fulfillment of the objectives of the Trust, implementation will be done by establishing contact, coordination and cooperation with the Government of India, State Government, non-government institutions, organizations, national and international level bodies and individuals.

Highways to be upgraded with the help of Asian Development Bank

Approval was given by the Cabinet to convert the main district roads to 2 lanes (7 m wide) instead of intermediate lanes (5.5 meters wide) under the ADB 6/7 project operated by Road Development Corporation. In addition, 41 other road projects were separated from ADB and approved for construction in other schemes. Approval was given to issue a joint administrative approval of Rs 6156 crore for the upgradation of 60 roads in the project. Presently this project which is targeted to be completed by the year 2024 is in progress. Under the project, work has been started in 13 contracts and 19 works are at tender stage. The development work of Road Asset Management System in the project is also approved by ADB, which is at tender stage. With the establishment of Road Asset Management System, the work of maintenance and construction of roads will be possible through scientific method without human intervention.

Establishment of Global Skills Park

The Cabinet approved a financial provision of block grant of Rs.125 crore for the creation of 319 posts,for the establishment and 5 years operation of Global Skills Park in the project in the Madhya Pradesh Skill Developent Project, aided by ADB loan, keeping in view the need for maximum skill manpower pool and for skill development srategy for the fulfillment of the requirements of modern industries.

Supply of summer moong to beneficiaries through PDS

The Cabinet has decided to supply summer moong to the beneficiaries through Public Distribution System (PDS) under mid-day meal, the procurement of which has exceeded the target of the Government of India in the Rabi year 2020-21 (marketing year 2021-22).

Exemption from interest/late fee for industries affected by Covid-19 pandemic second wave

 The Cabinet approved to exempt interest / late fee for smooth operation of industries affected by the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic in the Madhya Pradesh State Industrial Land and Building Management Rules. The facility of making the payment of the annual land rent and maintenance fee chargeable in the financial year 2021-22 from the land allottees in the industrial areas/allocated undeveloped government land set up by MPIDC in view of the Covid-19 transition from May 1, 2021 to October 31, 2021 within 30 days of the order issued by the department in this regard, whichever is earlier will be provided without any interest, penalty or late fee. The time period of four months from May 1, 2021 to August 31, 2021, will not be included in the calculation for various purposes for land allottees under the Madhya Pradesh State Industrial Land Building Management Rules.

 MoU signed between Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited (MECL), a Government of India Undertaking and Madhya Pradesh State Mineral Corporation Limited

 The Cabinet approved the execution of MoU between the Directorate of Geology and Mining, Madhya Pradesh, Government of India Undertaking Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited (MECL) and Madhya Pradesh State Mineral Corporation Limited. The MoU will be executed between the Directorate of Geology and Mining and Madhya Pradesh State Mineral Corporation for seekng the cooperation of Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited (MECL), a Government of India undertaking for survey and prospecting of minerals in the state. For this work, the state government will provide funds through the budget. After prospecting of minerals, the identified blocks can be auctioned. After the auction, the successful bidder will be able to reimburse the expenses incurred in this work. With the auction of mineral blocks, there will be an increase in the mineral revenue of the state. Employment opportunities will also be available due to new mine operation.

 Establishment of furniture cluster in Betma Khurd of Indore district

 The Cabinet granted permission to Indore International Furniture Cluster Association, Indore to develop a furniture cluster on 190.345 hectare government land of Betma Khurd district Indore and granted to develop the proposed cluster in three phases along with the right to charge development fee and maintenance fee from industrial / commercial units established under the cluster. Under the project, developed infrastructure will be made available for furniture manufacturing and related manufacturing units. Once the cluster is fully implemented, there will be a capital accumulation of about Rs 600 crore and employment opportunities will increase by establishing supply chain and infrastructure in rural and urban areas. Establishment of the cluster will increase investment from the supply chain from manufacturing to market and apart from fetching a fair price to the investors of the state for their products, quality products will be supplied from the units to be set up in the cluster, which will provide opportunities for exports.

 Land related decisions under Revenue Department

 The Cabinet approved to transfer the ownership of nearly 5 thousand 200 acre land declared the surplus agricultural land without any condition/charge to Revenue Department Government of Madhya Pradesh, in the event of providing undertaking (undertaking) for not filing suit before the courts in question and withdrawal of all the cases prevailing in the courts in respect of the land of about 5 thousand 200 acres declared as surplus under the Madhya Pradesh Agricultural Holdings Ceiling Act, 1960. And in future, out of 8,585.45 acres of land belonging to The Gwalior Agriculture Company Limited in Gwalior and Datia. After the completion of the proceedings, if a proposal for capital investment is submitted by The Gwalior Agriculture Company Limited on the said land owned by the Government of Madhya Pradesh, then in such a situation, keeping in view the opportunities for employment arising as a result of public interest and investment, action will be taken to give the land for the project in favor of the company on lease/equity basis. Collector, Gwalior and Datia will take action to examine and verify the status of the land in question related to The Gwalior Agriculture Company. After the memorandum is signed, no suit will be presented before the courts in future in the context of the land in question by the parties.

Post-facto approval of reserve price of Rs 6.68 crore (Rs 6 crore 68 lakh) was granted by the Cabinet for the disposal of land and building assets of old district panchayat located near Police Colony, Sanjay Gandhi Ward No. 9 of Mandsaur urban area of ​​Revenue Department and in the tender invited for the expropriation of the asset, the contract / registry for the disposal of the asset after depositing 100 percent of the tender bid price by the highest H-1 tenderer in the tender bid amount and the bid made by them in the e-auction, it was decided to execute the tender and transfer it in favor of H-1 tenderer.